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Are you looking for a new way to make money online?

If your answer is “yes”, then we’re going to be discussing the process of finding programs that convert. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s convert caffeine into prosperity.

high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners
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is one of the most popular ways to monetize your website. It’s easy, it’s free and it can be done with any type of site. You don’t need to have an audience or even a product before you start making money as an .

All you need is a website that people visit regularly and the right affiliate program in place! If this sounds like something that interests you, then keep reading because we are going to show you how to find programs quickly so that your business can grow faster than ever before!

We all know that time is precious when running our own businesses, which means we want results fast! That’s why we created this guide – so that anyone who wants more traffic and sales on their websites will get them without having to spend hours doing research themselves.

This guide has everything you need, including where to go for the best high ticket offers, how much commission they pay out, and which types of sites work best with each offer. So if this sounds like something worth investing some time into then please continue reading!

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What is ?

what is affiliate marketing
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Before we begin speaking about high ticket affiliate programs, we first need to know exactly what affiliate marketing even is, correct?

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when an advertiser pays a publisher (you) to sell their product. The advertiser will pay you commission for every successful sale that you make, which makes affiliate marketing incredibly easy and simple to do!

buy speechelo

Affiliate marketing is a practice that’s been around for a long time and it’s used by many high profile businesses, such as Amazon and Best Buy.

If you already own a website that gets decent amounts of traffic, then affiliate marketing can help increase your revenue even further! It’s also free to get started with so there is no risk in trying it out.

Selling an affiliate product can be as simple as inserting a link or banner onto your website and letting visitors click through to the product page. Let’s say that you choose high ticket affiliate programs as your business niche. You can then simply use high ranking and high traffic keywords such as “luxury cars” and get paid every time you send traffic to an interested potential customer of that high ticket affiliate program.

If this sounds like something you can do (and this IS something you can do), then please continue reading.

How Do You Market Affiliate Products?

In order to sell their products, there are a number of things you can do. Here is a short list of different ways you can sell affiliate products:

  • written articles
  • email marketing campaigns
  • product reviews

Written Articles

Written articles are great ways to sell affiliate products, because people are always looking for high quality information to read about. You can write articles yourself, or as mentioned above, hire another writer to create them for you, or use AI, but the key is that the content needs to be high quality and useful!

By “high quality”, I mean that the articles need to be informative, high in value and filled with helpful tips that your audience can use.

videos inside of emails

Once you have written high quality content and published it on your site, you will want to promote it on social media, too! Remember: high ticket offers convert best on high traffic sites so if your website only has a small amount of visitors, you may be better off placing high ticket offers on a high traffic site with high quality content.

Email Marketing Campaigns

In order to have success with email marketing, you will need a list of subscribers that trust your website and enjoy reading your content. Following the same rules as above, you should only be delivering high quality and useful content to your audience.

Email campaigns work well because people check their email on a regular basis. This makes it easy to send high converting offers out to your audience, and helps you make more sales, fast!

When sending emails, you’re going to want to focus on just one high ticket offer at a time, and be sure to give the reader as much high quality information about it as you can. People need to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into before parting with their hard earned cash!

Product Reviews

Another way to sell high ticket offers is by writing product reviews. You as a publisher get to test new products, which allows you to be the first to review them, which can help you sell high ticket affiliate products faster.

Writing product reviews is a good way to make sales because people trust high ratings from high authority websites. This means that when you give a product a positive review, your readers are more likely to buy it, which means high conversion rates!

The same rules apply here as above – high quality content! When reviewing high ticket offers you need to inform your audience of everything they need to know about it. If it’s high quality information that people are looking for then they will follow your link, but if it’s low value content then they may not bother.

content artemis
Pro Tip #2: If you need more information about how to write an article, then check out this page:

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

The way affiliate programs work, is pretty straight-forward.

First, you’ll want to find a company that has products or services that are in demand. Generally, these companies can be found by doing market research. Whether this is using a powerful keyword research tool, such as the Google Keyword Planner or Keysearch, or using a platform like Google Trends, market research should not be ignored. Before choosing to sell / promote anything, you need to be certain that there is a demand for it.

Second, if they allow it, you will sign up to become an affiliate. This is generally done by giving them basic information about yourself, such as your name, email address, website you’ll be promoting their products / services on, etc. In some instances, you may be asked to complete tax information, such as with ClickBank, for example.

Third, you’ll receive a special link, known as your “Affiliate Link” that allows you to collect money when people purchase these products after clicking through your special affiliate link! This is why it’s important to have high quality content near your affiliate links.

For example, let’s say your content is bad, but it happens to be about a product or service that someone is looking to buy. If your information is bad, this person may go elsewhere to find better information before making their purchasing decision. This is bad for you. Give your audience the best information they can find, and give them no reason to go anywhere else for additional info.

Identify their needs. Address their concerns. Answer their questions. Problem solve.

In a nutshell, that’s how it works. You can easily promote affiliate offers through written articles, email campaigns or product reviews. I recommend testing each method and see what works best for you.

sign up with namecheap

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is and how affiliate programs work, it’s time to discover exactly what high ticket affiliate programs are!

High Ticket Affiliate Programs

finance affiliate programs
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A high ticket affiliate program is one where the commission per sale is high. This means that the advertiser believes in your ability to sell their more expensive offer and trusts that you will follow through for them.

The process for becoming an affiliate who is able to sell these kinds of offers, might be slightly different than the more regular affiliate programs. You may need to go through a few more hoops and hurdles.

First, high quality content is a must. This means that you can’t just vague or general information about these high ticket products or services. If you’re trying to get someone to part ways with thousands of dollars (or more), then you’re going to need to do some quality convincing, and other requirements may need to be met, as well.

Here’s an example…

Back in 2013, I was a part of a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) organization that was doing really well at the time. They had a big product that cost around $4500, if I recall correctly (though it may have been slightly more or less). This product was essentially just an info product – a course designed to teach you how to sell this very same product to other people. It taught you how to sell other things, as well, but this was arguably the biggest selling point of the product – that you can now resell that very same product.

But here’s the catch…

digital real estate storefronts

In order to be eligible to sell this $4500 product, you, yourself, had to own this product. That means that you would have had to invest something like $7125, to be able to sell this product. Reason being, there were prerequisite products you had to purchase first, before you even unlocked the ability to be able to buy this high ticket affiliate product.

The concept was freakin’ genius!

Lots of money was made by a lot of people in that MLM, myself included. The whole thing later fell apart, but while it was good, it was GOOD.

All this is to say that when dealing with high ticket affiliate programs, there may be more involved than simply registering at a website, getting your affiliate link, and then publishing it on a blog post. You may have to put some skin in the game. Not always, but it can (and does) happen.

Requirement #2 to Capitalizing on High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Second, the more in depth or high quality your offer is in relation to the high ticket affiliate program you’re promoting, the better.

If you’re just promoting someone’s high ticket affiliate products with minimal added value content, then the person running that affiliate program may not be too keen on working with you. You need to build trust and show that you’re a high quality content creator.

In building trust and authority, you’ll find yourself able to work with more people, have better opportunities, and be able to sell high ticket products regardless of what you happen be promoting at the time.


You’ll often hear people who have achieved this level of quality and authority, say things like “Selling a high ticket product is no different to me than selling a low ticket product.”

They say these things because they’re true, but with the exception of being able to put in the work required to reach this level of success. You’ll also often hear of these people having mentors who made them work their butts off! They’ll say things like, “My mentor made me write the same sales copy, over and over and over again, and kept making me throw it away and start over.”

You need to become a master at your craft.

Through repetition, you allow yourself to grow. You’re in a perpetual state of growth and development, and all the while, pumping out great content for your target audience.

Though I did say that you’ll be more easily able to sell more high ticket products, it doesn’t mean you should just go around selling every high ticket affiliate product under the sun. That is not what I meant when I said that.

Rather, when you have built trust in your niche and authority in your field, it shouldn’t matter what high ticket affiliate program you’re promoting (respectfully in your own lane) – people will buy because they believe in you.

Do you believe in you?

believe in yourself and your ability to be a successful affiliate marketer
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Requirement #3 to Capitalizing on High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Now for the third requirement…

You may often find that you’ll need to be able to convince the vendor that you really, truly believe in their high ticket product or service. They often don’t want to work with someone who’s just here to make a quick buck.

Instead, they’ll most likely want to partner up with someone who is going to do a great job – a person who’s not just writing high quality content because they feel like they have to, but instead, someone who writes high quality copy because they WANT to.

You can convey your belief in their products and services by really, truly going all in and even perhaps becoming a customer of their stuff.

I mean, what better way to say you believe in something, than to invest your own money into it?

If you’re promoting a high ticket product that’s a membership site – then become a member! If it’s high ticket training or coaching programs – then invest in your own success by buying that training.

In addition to this, make sure you target affiliate programs in a high value niche, such as self help affiliate programs or finance affiliate programs, for example.

I know that high ticket products aren’t always expensive, but rather they’re high value products. However, from the perspective of the program owner, it’s imperative to them that you promote their highest price point items for them – this is how they make the most money!

Where Do I Find These High Ticket Affiliate Programs?

There many different high ticket affiliate programs out there, but I can tell you where to find high ticket affiliate programs with the most potential.

The ones that convert best for me are generally those in high value niches!

These are the 5 primary methods I use to find high ticket affiliate programs:

  1. Google
  2. MaxBounty
  3. Commission Junction
  4. OfferVault
  5. JvZoo

Use Google to Find Affiliate Products and Services

find high ticket affiliate offers with Google

Google is the #1 way I find high ticket affiliate programs, because it’s the easiest way to find great affiliate programs, whether high ticket or not!

All you have to do, is Google: [keyword], [niche], [affiliate program name] and Google will show you what the top sites in your niche are for that keyword.

Another strategy I use (as seen in the screenshot above), is to use operators, quotation marks, and delimiters, such as:

+”vacation”:. +”affiliate program”

With this search, I’m telling Google to:
ONLY return results about “vacation”, but ONLY if they include a mention of “affiliate program” in the text.

Because I’m using the “+” operator, I’m also telling Google to omit all other results that do not fall within that criteria.

If one of those top sites belongs to an affiliate program I’m not a part of yet, I join it immediately (after checking the prices, commissions, quality of the website, etc.!

Why? Because the top sites have a lot of power and weight in the search results. If they’re running an affiliate program, chances are its going to be a profitable one, but again, always double check to be sure.


Use MaxBounty to Find Affiliate Products and Services

Use MaxBounty to Find Affiliate Products and Services

MaxBounty is a great source for finding high ticket affiliate programs, but it’s always been hit or miss with me. They have great programs, but it’s not always easy to find them. First of all, I’d recommend getting your free MaxBounty account set up first, before even looking for high ticket affiliate programs.

Please note: MaxBounty calls your phone to speak with you, prior to determining whether or not they believe you’d be a great fit for them to allow as an affiliate. All I can say, is to be honest with them. If you’ve never sold a product before in your life, tell them that. I was accepted into their program after telling them that I’d never made an affiliate sell before.

They were cool and they understood that everyone starts somewhere.

Once you get accepted and have your account, fill out some information about yourself and your website(s) on the profile page, then go to the search tab on the left side of your screen.

From here, you can start searching for high ticket affiliate programs in the keyword search bar at the top. As always, I recommend clicking on “exact match” when doing so, then adjust my filters to meet your needs.


Use Commission Junction to Find Affiliate Products and Services

Use Commission Junction to Find Affiliate Products and Services
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Commission Junction (CJ) is another great resource to find high ticket affiliate programs and opportunities! This is one of my favorite ways to find high ticket affiliate programs, because they’re always updating their available offers, and with a bit of digging, you can absolutely find some incredibly high paying ones!

Commission Junction updates their marketplace hourly. It’s important you stay up to date on the latest changes so you don’t miss out on opportunities that can make you thousands of dollars (or more) in commissions!

CJ has been around for a long time, so you’ll find many established high ticket affiliate programs inside their marketplace.

What I like to do is search for the keyword that describes my website niche. Let’s say it’s “how to start an online business.” Instead of just entering that into the search bar at the top, I’d enter:

+”how to start an online business”

Once you find one that looks interesting, click on it, then check out their commission structure. Make sure they’re paying what you expect them to be paying. If the affiliate program isn’t something I want to be a part of, I immediately make note of it and move on!


Use OfferVault to Find Affiliate Products and Services

high ticket affiliate programs on OfferVault
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OfferVault provides yet another great solution for locating high ticket affiliate programs that have their doors open to you.

OfferVault is constantly being updated with fresh, new affiliate programs for you to check out! The good news is they don’t require approval to join, so if you see something inside OfferVault you like, I recommend signing up immediately after checking it out. This is a great way to go about it!

The other good news is there are no limitations as far as commissions. You can make as much money as you’d like with them, which is cool!

With OfferVault, you can find lots of different programs (and I do mean a LOT!), so I recommend checking out each offer. Make sure it’s something you believe in. If not, discard it and move on to the next one!


Use JvZoo to Find High Ticket Affiliate Products and Services

Use JvZoo to Find Affiliate Products and Services

JVZoo acts quite similar to MaxBounty in that they provide excellent affiliate programs and opportunities. They’re constantly updating their marketplace with new, low ticket and so you truly can make some serious money!

Check back often with JVZoo – their marketplace is being updated hourly. It’s crucial that you’re up-to-date with the latest changes to make sure you don’t miss out on programs that can make you a lot of money.

JVZoo usually does require approval from their affiliate program managers to join, but if they do approve your request, I recommend signing up immediately after checking out their marketplace.

One thing that I sometimes do when I request approval from a JvZoo vendor, is after requesting approval, I’ll wait some time. If I don’t hear from them within the next few hours, I revisit their landing page or their homepage, and will look for their “Contact Us” page. From there, I’ll let them know who I am and that I am interested in marketing their product or service, and will let them know that I requested approval X hours ago.

Generally within a day or two, if they like my approach, they approve me. If not, then they don’t. I’ve never not been approved, thus far, so I feel like I’m doing something right. I wouldn’t send them a thousand emails, begging for their approval. As you’ll see when you visit JvZoo, there are a LOT of affiliate offers. If you don’t get approved for one, there are at least a hundred more that you can get approved for. Move on.


Conclusion – And Now These Methods Are Yours

affiliate marketing in a nutshell

So, as you can see, these are just 5 of many possible ways to find high ticket affiliate programs that convert really well. There are many more ways to find even more, but these are my favorite five that I use on a daily basis. Honestly, all you really need is one very solid affiliate offer to earn a lot of money.

The roadmap to finding such offers, has just been presented to you. What you decide to do with this information is entirely up to you. I hope you find great success in the affiliate world. I truly do. It’s a fun, exciting, and very rewarding place to be.

If you get to the point to where you’ve got your sales funnel set up, you’ve got all your content written, and the only thing you need is traffic, then I’ve got you covered! Check out my free eBook that I wrote that features 10 proven strategies of driving traffic. You can use these methods to drive traffic to your websites, your landing pages, your squeeze pages, or whatever else you have that you’d like to promote. The sky is the limit.

Click the link below, to grab your copy of my free eBook:

Take care.

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