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InVideo, an Indian company that has developed a video creation and editing platform, has raised $15 million globally to expand its customer base. With InVideo, you can easily create videos within your browser. 

InVideo is a drag-and-drop editor based customizable online tool to simplify the process of creating professional videos. In a nutshell, InVideo enables anyone to develop scroll-stopping videos. Over 7M people from 195+ countries have already made millions of videos in 75+ languages.

Features of InVideo

The platform enables you to “convert your content into compelling videos.” Media firms, small businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs use the platform to increase engagement with their video content. InVideo competes with services such as Lumen5, Animoto, Wave, and Promo.

Moreover, InVideo is entirely free to use and allows you to export up to 60 videos every month. They offer paid services on a monthly and annual basis. The only disadvantage of the free plan is that there will be a watermark.

Main benefits of InVideo

We will examine several reasons why you should choose the InVideo software.

It helps you save time and money

You no longer need to squander money on employing a content writer when using the InVideo video creation program. It takes some work to locate a competent content writer capable of producing the information you require. Rather than that, it enables you to create movies and sell your product whatsoever you choose.

It creates a more favorable impression

To keep your readers engaged, you must first make a favorable impression. The initial impression is the lasting impression – a cliche that rings true in a variety of ways. Hence, you can make an excellent first impression by creating high-quality HD films with the InVideo video creation software.

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Easily add effects and animations

Not everyone possesses the technical expertise necessary to work on such platforms. The ability to add special effects and animation to your video is one of the best features of the InVideo video-making program. This results in a professional finish and appearance, as well as increasing the appeal of your video.

It's simple to upload videos

One of the most beneficial advantages of InVideo is the ease of uploading your movies because it supports various file extensions that are compatible with most, if not all, devices. So, with the help of the how-to and tutorial videos included in the InVideo software review videos, you will learn how straightforward and quick it is to submit the video you have created.

Ensure that required and valuable information is provided

Just as it is critical to market your material, your audience must know how and where to contact you. The video-making program has a dedicated section for users to post their social media profiles and website URLs and any other data that would be valuable to their viewers.

Pricing and prices of InVideo's video producing software

Not everyone has the financial resources to buy expensive video editing software. Even those that are free may or may not be of sufficient quality to use. Moreover, the video creation software is available in both a free and a premium edition.

Additionally, commercial and corporate packages are available. If you're interested in a bespoke package, you can quickly contact the company and inform them of your specifications.

How to make the videos?

There is considerable opportunity in developing how-to videos, as there is an audience interested in learning how to do something. Your job will be made more accessible with InVideo's pre-built templates.

Access InVideo by logging in. Navigate to the ‘Quick Videos' section and peruse the extensive collection of how-to video templates. There are two options. Firstly, You can either use a template or develop your video. So, upload and include any movies or images you'd like to use in your how-to video

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Watermark on the videos created by InVideo

You will have access to all of InVideo's features. However, your videos will include a watermark. By subscribing to one of the inexpensive programs, you may quickly create videos without a watermark.

Moreover, If you want to add your own watermark to your video, then follow these easy steps.

Submit your video

 Upload a movie or a GIF file to the app from your PC or mobile device. 2. Paste the content you wish to watermark into the box provided: Enter the text, caption, or logo you like to use as a watermark. In last, Resize, reshape, or align it to achieve the optimal fit and placement.

Adding logo into InVideo

Select one of the ‘Logo Reveal' templates from the ‘Quick Video' area. You'll have access to a library of enticing templates created specifically for you. Add photos and films to your videos or choose from InVideo's never-ending selection of visually appealing images and videos.

Adding a Voice-Over to a Slideshow Video

To do so, click the Add VO button in the standard timeline's top-left corner. When it comes to voice-overs, InVideo offers three options: Using the text-to-speech feature that is automated—using the editor to record a voice-over.

Cons of Invideo

There is a higher price tag for the best stock video and photo collections. The monthly video export and duration limits are shallow, which is unpleasant for video artists and bloggers who create new content daily.

The videos generated using invideo have a more amateurish appearance than those created with Canva, Placeit, or Crello, although invideo is more affordable.

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While Android video editing apps are convenient for tweaking your videos on the fly, creating professional-looking videos on your PC or laptop is undoubtedly far easier. In short, if you're looking to get your feet wet in the field of video editing and learn how to edit videos, InVideo is an excellent choice!

So, when it comes to selecting high-quality video creation software, each small and large feature is critical. This video software review is intended to provide you with an overview of what to expect when using the product.

InVideo was smartly created to assist videographers and bloggers in quickly making mesmerizing videos. If you want to keep your followers engaged for more of your work, you must employ this effective platform.

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