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Understanding a Bit About Mediavine

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You and I previously discussed AdThrive requirements, and so I felt it only fair to also shed some light on the Mediavine requirements, so that you will have the most necessary information to make an informed decision. Mediavine is Mediavine and AdThrive is AdThrive. Mediavine requirements and AdThrive requirements are different and in most cases Mediavine can be a little more strict than AdThrive.

Before we get into the requirements for Mediavine, let's discuss why Mediavine is such a unique company when it comes to advertising. Mediavine is a Native Advertising company, which means that the ads that Mediavine runs are in line with your Mediavine approved website. They add to the feel and design of your site, rather than taking away from it like traditional advertising does.

The Mediavine ad platform will seek out the types of ads you'd most likely have on your approved site, which makes Mediavine a great partner to have. Mediavine helps you monetize your website, so it's acceptable that they set some requirements for publishers, in order to be accepted onto their network. If these Mediavine requirements are not met, however, then Mediavine will not monetize your website.

Mediavine also allows you to earn on mobile traffic, which can help many websites make extra money from their mobile audience. Mediavine understands the changing landscape of the internet and Mediavine requirements are catered to their needs of finding advertising partners that are still relevant for today's market place.

Introducing the Mediavine Requirements

Mediavine requirements
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Mediavine requirements consist of 4 key points that Mediavine wants their Publishers to meet.

Mediavine Traffic Requirements

In order to become a Mediavine Publisher, you will first need to meet the Mediavine Traffic requirements. Your traffic must be at least 50k sessions (typically around 60,000 pageviews / month). Mediavine chooses to go by ‘Sessions' instead of ‘Pageviews' because Mediavine feels that Sessions are a more accurate representation, seeing as Mediavine is advertising specifically to users.

Mediavine wants their ads served to actual people who are actually visiting your site – not robots / bots or fake traffic, or by people clicking the ‘Next' button through a slideshow of images, page by page. More information can be found, here:

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Mediavine has the right to deny any Publisher who does not meet Mediavine's traffic requirements at any time without warning or explanation. Mediavine also discloses that the traffic requirements may change at any time, which means they can simply update the requirements and your website will be subject to the newest version of their requirements.

Mediavine Geographic Requirements

In addition to meeting Mediavine's traffic requirements, publishers must also be located in an acceptable country for Mediavine. Mediavine has a list of countries that they allow Publishers to be located in which Mediavine calls the “Global Campaign Countries”. Mediavine discloses on their website that there may be additional countries added or subtracted from this list, and the desired geography can change without notice.

Good Standing with Google Adsense

Similar to AdThrive, Mediavine wants you to be in good standing with Google Adsense. Mediavine claims that if you are banned from Google Adsense, Mediavine will also ban your website from their network, automatically. Mediavine discloses this on their website by saying “Publishers who receive a suspension or ban of their Google AdSense account are not eligible to become MediaVine Publishers.”

Mediavine Content Requirements

use high quality content for Mediavine

There are some requirements for your web content that also need to be met, in order to remain in proper alignment with Mediavine requirements. For example, Mediavine does not allow:

Unique Content – Mediavine does not accept websites with user contributed content or content scraped from other sites.

Adult Content – Mediavine does not want you to have any pornography on your site, anywhere, in any form. Mediavine wants their ads to be displayed on family safe websites only. Any Mediavine Publishers found violating this Mediavine requirement will be automatically banned from Mediavine.

Hate Content – Mediavine requires all websites to be against any sort of hate group, including but not limited to: racism / discrimination, gang violence, religious persecution. Mediavine discloses this on their website by saying ‘Hate', as defined by Mediavine, is essentially the support or advancement of ideals that directly or indirectly create, support, or benefit any group promoting hate or violence towards others based on race, religion, national origin, sex, and / or age.” Mediavine will automatically ban you if they find out that you are affiliated with a hate group.

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Adhering to the Mediavine Requirements

Note: The traffic requirements have been increased from what's said on this video. I only chose this video because it has really good information that's worth watching. As of the time of this writing, the information that I have published on this blogpost about their requirements, the data that I have posted, is correct and up to date.

Mediavine is a reputable company and becoming a Mediavine Publisher can prove to be very financially rewarding. If you are able to meet all the requirements, then you can most likely expect to make some good money with Mediavine. Mediavine pays better than many of the other ad companies.

As long as you can meet all the Mediavine requirements, then you should have no problem becoming a Mediavine Publisher. Mediavine is an American company that has been around since 2004 and they've got a great reputation for paying their Publishers on time, every time. Mediavine is an excellent place to be as a website owner.

Good luck! The Mediavine requirements should not be too hard to meet, just make sure you read all of their criteria so you know what they expect from their Publishers.

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