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Experts in media streaming say video content will not generate traffic, leads, or sales without a compelling voiceover. In fact, the secret behind selling, and stimulating emotions in people could be possible by effective storytelling. 

To be precise, all of us don’t have amazing voices, so when it comes to business you need a good voiceover to create an attractive sales, training, or educational video. And this is where Speechelo gets the attention of all video editors. 

Hard to swallow, Speechelo is an advanced artificial intelligence-based text to speech content creation software from the Blaster Suite folks that claim to transform any text to human sounding voice in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is, paste your script, choose your favorite voice from pre-created items and convert it. Surprisingly, you have the control to change the voice tone, speed, and pitch to completely achieve the target which you hope to be created by a human voiceover. 

Moreover, this application has a variety of voiceovers like male, and female. Delightfully, three different tones i.e., joyful, normal, and sad are installed to impart a natural look to your script. 

Undoubtedly, numerous texts to speech converters are available in the market these days, but only a few are worth working on. So, to save your time in searching for good software, we’ve explained all the insights of top-rated software ‘Speechelo’ to ensure its possible horizons.  

How Does Speechelo Work?

Digging around, this program works so smoothly that anyone can use it even without any past experience in the respective field. Actually, this software runs on the cloud and you don’t need to find space on your devices to download and install it. So, you can access this tool anywhere on any device either on a computer or smartphone. 

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You may need to go through the following mentioned steps to create an excellent voiceover.

  • If you have already written text, simply copy and paste it in the text bar. But don’t worry, if you don’t have any text template before, you can create one by typing in the given text bar. 
  • Next, you need to select your preferred language. You are free to choose any language, as numerous languages are included in the Speechelo languages dropdown section.
  • After selecting the required language, you must pick up the voice tone according to your video type. In the Speechelo, you will get male and female voices with a variety of tones in each kind. No doubt, Speechelo demo voices are designed differently to suit any event or need. 
  • After selecting language and preferred tone, you now can make the changes in the textual contexts. Like if you want to add pauses or breathing somewhere in the text, you have to add that in the script. Finally, Speechelo pro-intelligence would create an incredible conversation.  

Speechelo Pro-Version (OTO 1)

Undoubtedly, the standard version of Speechelo is exceptional, but if you’re tired of using the same voices again and again, you can get the pro Speechelo. Actually, it comes with double voices, and numerous new features. 

Here are some major differences between standard and pro versions of Speechelo.

  • The number of voices will be doubled in Speechelo pro. On balance, the standard plan comprises only 30 different voices, but the pro plan proffers you more than 60 unique voices. 
  • Another cool outcome is the tendency to create longer voiceovers. On the standard side, you can get only 700 characters long voiceover, but the speecheo pro allows you to grab 5x more than the standard one. 
  • Listing more, you will probably love the commercial license feature which comes in pro plan only. This permits you to generate money by selling voiceovers on social media or freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and you can make a bundle of profits by accessing this novel feature. 
  • The most loved benefit of the pro version is to get access to 45 fascinating background music tracks. Literally, each music track belongs to a different genre to ensure variety, including joyful, cinematic, motivational, sad, emotional tracks, and many more. 
  • The last but invading benefit of the pro version is to get the voiceover cash machine bonus. Actually, this bonus comes in an eBook format, which properly guides you on how to create and post your gigs related to voice over to attract more potential clients.

Speechelo Tube (OTO 2)

The recently launched Speechelo version is Speechelo Tube, which we found to be more unique and effective.

The Speechelo tube allows you to take any link on YouTube to extract the voiceover from that video and create a brand-new voiceover of your choice by using any of the voices listed by Sppechelo. 

Additionally, you have the chance to take a YouTube video, translate its voiceover into as many languages as you want, without bearing the pain of translating by yourself. 

To dig down, with this pretty cool translation feature, you can translate any video to foreign languages to broaden the network of your around the globe. 

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Speechelo Bonuses

The Speechelo bonuses are available at no additional cost. You can get the listed bonuses from my purchase like.

  • Outsourcing Video Series
  • Copywriting Influence
  • YouTube marketing video series
  • 2GB PLR article as an exclusive offer
  • Google ranking secrets
  • The incredible list of lifetime recurring affiliate program
  • Ranking boosts information regarding YouTube 
  • Million-dollar ad swipe library

Pros and Cons of Speechelo


  • Easy to Navigate system
  • User friendly interface
  • You can choose any listed language
  • No coding required
  • Control over voice pitch and tone
  • Money back guarantee
  • Opportunity to sell your voiceover services
  • You can switch from one package to other


  • Available only online
  • Only limited size of speech


Speechelo is a marvelous artificial intelligence-based voice generator that produces sounds just like humans. The normal mode allows you to manually adjust the voices to meet your criterion.

Non-English speakers can take the benefit of this software to create their business videos, or YouTubers can now generate English content to earn handsome money by spending no cost on hiring voiceovers. 

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