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You may have read Thumbnail Blaster reviews that didn't explain what a thumbnail was. Thumbnail Blaster can help you learn what a thumbnail is. Cover images and preview images are commonly used in videos, slideshows, presentations, etc. We thought that a review of Thumbnail Blaster might be of interest to you as you newly learned about thumbnails.

Is Thumbnail Blaster a useful tool for creating thumbnails? 

The YouTube thumbnail creator uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically create attractive and professional thumbnails for users who don't want to create thumbnails themselves. With Thumbnail Blaster, you can create thumbnails for YouTube videos using artificial intelligence (AI). With this tool, you can upload multiple videos quickly and easily to YouTube without worrying about the thumbnails you should use.

Why do I need Thumbnail Blaster Software?

Utilizing Thumbnail Blaster, you can easily create unique, high-quality, and visitor-friendly thumbnails for your YouTube videos. You can post your video without risking any infringements of your copyright or legal action that might result in the video becoming a liability instead of encouraging viewer activity. 

With the Thumbnail Blaster app, you can easily prepare a product thumbnail that will bring visitors to your website by focusing on your brain instead of your photo. As you probably know, Thumbnail Blaster offers several benefits that set it apart from the competition.

Features of Thumbnail Blaster

  • It is much easier to use than other software like Photoshop.
  • Using this application, creating thumbnails does not take a lot of brainpower.
  • To quickly design a thumbnail, screenshot software lets you drag and drop images and add them.
  • Templates have different designs. A total of thirty templates are included in the software.
  • You can also quickly create thumbnails with a variety of design features without training from scratch.
  • Upload thumbnail images directly to YouTube using Thumbnail Blaster software.

How does Thumbnail Blaster work?

To create a thumbnail for your video, follow these 3 steps you will find in the Thumbnail Blaster demo:

You have selected a template to use

Select the template suitable for your topic from multiple options based on different topics or niches OR use artificial intelligence to pick a template that meets your particular needs.

By editing and designing your template, you can create an effective one

In addition to the AI features, you can select any image and drag it to design your thumbnail using Thumbnail Blaster's dragging and dropping system, or you can use other features to build your thumbnail.

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Your thumbnail has been published

Through Thumbnail Blaster, you can design and publish thumbnails and upload them in a click to YouTube.

Discounts & Prices for Thumbnail Blaster

Since many people are worried about the cost of Thumbnail Blaster before buying it, the most important part of this review has been the price. It usually sells for 97 dollars, so its normal price is 97 dollars. Some other reviews might have omitted any discount information for Thumbnail Blaster.

The Thumbnail Blaster discount coupon that is “Blaster37” will allow you to reduce the app price from 97 dollars down to 37 dollars with only 60 dollars off from the normal price. This type of software is a one-time payment, which means you can use it as long as you like.

A single payment must be made during the offer period. Those who choose the thumbnail blaster program have to pay 47 dollars per month for such a service.

Why should I try Thumbnail Blaster?

Thumbnail Blaster appears to be legit based on its license and reviews of other users. Three advantages of the software are that the developer is known for their skills and reputation in software development and digital marketing. Due to its experience and skillful building, and money-back guarantee, the software has gained a reputation for being reliable. An experienced and skilled builder developed it.

In contrast to other money-making apps that leave users disappointed, Thumbnail Blaster aims to meet your needs.

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Pros and Cons of Thumbnail Blaster


• You do not have to learn the software to use it as it is built using artificial intelligence.

• The money-back guarantee lasts thirty days or sixty days.

• Thumbnail Blaster is a money-back guarantee product, which means that you can try it and request a refund within 30 or 60 days.

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• The software can be described as having tested and proven YouTube templates already ready to use.

• The software does not need to be installed and downloaded. Clicking and using is all there is to it.

• The YouTube analyzer algorithm is embedded into the embedding code, allowing you to comply with YouTube rules legally easily.


• The Thumbnail Blaster software must be accessed via the internet; it cannot be used for any offline work and saved or edited simultaneously without an internet connection.

• You might be limited in your intelligence evolution if you use artificial intelligence.

Thumbnail Blaster User Reviews

Thumbnail Blaster provides many YouTube and Google video users with the opportunity to gain top rankings on both sites without developing much skill or intelligence to create traffic-generating thumbnails.

Is Thumbnail Blaster worth investing in?

When it comes to designing thumbnails for YouTube videos, Thumbnail Blaster excels at traffic-boosting thumbnails, and those without the skills or time to do so should invest in it. By doing so, you will achieve an appealing YouTube thumbnail.

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The Thumbnail Blaster software offers the following two bonuses:

A machine that ranks videos

By owning Thumbnail Blaster and having a YouTube account, this bonus allows you to rank at the top of Google.

Webinars with real-time training

The Thumbnail Blaster is also included in this bonus package.


Why you should use Thumbnail Blaster?

A Thumbnail Has the Most Influence on People's Decision Making: Thumbnails are the #1-factor influencing people to click and watch your video. More views will be generated by increasing your click-through rate!

Increasing traffic to your videos: Your videos will become more popular, and you'll automatically get more views.

Subscribers will get notified each time you upload a new video: One of the best parts of having more subscribers. You'll get a lot of views for your future uploads, and more views mean higher rankings!

Using Templates, Graphics, and Freelancers, you will save $1000's.

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The freelancers will have to create it for you, this could take a week, and you may not like the result.

Final Verdict

The Thumbnail Blaster review above may have made you think about comparing it to other similar products. However, if there is any thumbnail-making software available in the market, it is hesitant to compare with Thumbnail Blaster because it lacks all the features.

Concerning features, discounts, and other details, we conclude that there isn't software on the market that can compete with or outdo Thumbnail Blaster.


1. How does Thumbnail Blaster Software work?

You can create unique thumbnails for your YouTube videos easily using a Thumbnail blaster, which will make your videos high quality, professional, and attractive to your visitors quickly without any risk of infringement of your intellectual property and any other legal issues.

2. How does Thumbnail Blaster Software differ from other software applications?

With Thumbnail Blaster software, you can create multiple thumbnails for a single photo and have access to over 200 predesigned templates for customizing.

3. Are there cloud-based versions of Thumbnail Blaster software?

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You can create thumbnails for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social networks using Thumbnail Blaster, a cloud-based software application.

4. Does Thumbnail Blaster allow for the creation of website graphics?

Is it possible to create website graphics with Thumbnail Blaster software?

Thumbnail Blaster is an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly app for creating all website graphics.

5. How long before Thumbnail Blaster starts sending me traffic?

Your existing videos can have a thumbnail change to triple your CTR and get 3X more views from the first day you purchase. There is instant success once you start purchasing.

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