TubeBuddy Review – An Amazing Tool to Grow Your YouTube Channel

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Do you have a YouTube Channel and want to get more views? TubeBuddy is there to help you achieve your desired watch time, clicks, views, engagement, and subscribers. It’s based on a powerful platform of tools that are efficient with helping you create catchy videos and perfectly optimize them. The idea is that, after using this plugin, each video content creation of yours will have higher chances to achieve better ranking on YouTube and also the standard Google search

But, how about niches on YouTube where the competition is more challenging – would I still be able to achieve the desired results?

TubeBuddy essentially holds your hand in almost every niche by helping you come up with unique and user-friendly content. Let’s discuss how TubeBuddy can help you to achieve what you want from your YouTube Channel. 

How to use TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is an extremely powerful tool that can be used by all YouTube video producers, regardless of your niche. Getting started is super simple!

All you need to do is to install the TubeBuddy browser extension on any of the big 3 web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge), and then you have to follow the listed instructions to get a free TubeBuddy account.

NOTE: If you use the Opera web browser, then there is a way to get it to work, simply by first installing an extension that enables the use of Google Chrome extensions.

Finally, connect your TubeBuddy account with YouTube to gain access to all its handy features.

What You Can Do with TubeBuddy

In case you're unfamiliar with all the many purposes in which TubeBuddy can be used, then keep reading to get a deeper understanding of nearly all its features.

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Content Creation and Promotion 

To create attractive YouTube videos, you can take better advantage of the following features:

Keyword Research 

TubeBuddy review

The first thing you're going to want to pay attention to, when creating YouTube videos, is the actual topic of the video. You'll need to ensure that you're using an appropriate topic that can help you achieve proper placement inside the YouTube search engine. This is important, as you want your intended viewers to be able to find your video content. What TubeBuddy offers, is a way to assist you throughout this task, by way of video keyword research.

This tool, which is called the “TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer”, will assist you with locating high search volume, yet low competition keywords. Keyword research is one of those things that you should never ignore, with regards to any kind of content creation. You need to know exactly what people are searching for, so that you have the best chance at experiencing quick growth of your channel.

This keyword explorer will help you do just that!

It will help you identify popular topics to write your video scripts about, so that you can set yourself up to make the best quality videos possible!

Pro Tip: Once you have your keywords for your YouTube videos, the next step is to be able to create content (write engaging stuff) about the topic at hand. If you're not a skilled writer, then I have two solutions for you.

Solution #1: Hire someone to write the content for you. Meta Descriptions, Video Scripts, etc. All this can be outsourced. I wrote an eBook that shows you exactly how to outsource great quality content.

It's a free eBook that you can find, when you visit this URL:

Solution #2: Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to help you write it. This solution is not a 100% hands off approach, but it will most certainly help you achieve the desired results of writing effective copy.

Here is the best solution for AI-powered copywriting:

Video Optimization 

SEO for YouTube videos

If you already have videos on your YouTube Channel and want to optimize them, then you can make use of “TubeBuddy’s SEO Studio” and “Opportunity Finder”. These will help you rank more of your keywords, by only adding the keyword once in your video’s title, description, tags and video. If you are just starting out on YouTube or want to grow your channel, then TubeBuddy surely has amazing opportunities for you. 

Catchy Thumbnails 

create YouTube thumbnails
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A YouTube video's thumbnail image is often the very first thing that attracts (or detracts) viewers. An attractive thumbnail may entice a viewer to click on your video. That’s why TubeBuddy helps you to create attractive thumbnails with the use of TubeBuddy's “Thumbnail Creator”. Just pick a video template and you can save up to 100 different thumbnail images, for each of your YouTube videos. What’s more is that getting these thumbnails doesn’t cost you a thing!

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You can also create custom thumbnails, without the use of TubeBuddy's “Thumbnail Creator”. You can instead use the “Thumbnail Generator” to take professional quality screenshots from the desired frame of your video, and add overlays (text or image) to your thumbnail screenshots, to give it a more professional touch.

Expand Your Audience 

TubeBuddy also allows you to promote your YouTube videos by sharing them on numerous social media networks to attract potential audiences. This can be done with the use of the “Social Sharing” feature. Also, if your video is getting a lot of traffic, you can use this to gain more subscribers for your YouTube channel.

You can even do things like save all comments that are being posted on your videos or channels in an Excel sheet. A reason you might want to do this, is to be able to find out what your subscribers like or dislike about the product you’re promoting. For example, if all of your subscribers are commenting on how much they love the outfit that an actor is wearing in a particular scene, then you can use it as leverage to ask your wardrobe department to get more clothes just like it for future projects.

You can also print these comments onto paper by just clicking the “Print” button. This could be useful for future reference, in case you ever want to work on a project similar to the one you’re promoting.

Increased Watch Time

Have you ever wondered about how some content creators are able to get people to binge watch all their videos? Well, TubeBuddy’s “Watch Time Reports” can help you achieve just that. It will tell you how much watch time is being accumulated by all your videos put together.

In order to use this feature, just add a few keywords regarding your content in the appropriate box after clicking on the “Generate Report” button. After the report is generated, you can see how many minutes of watch time your YouTube videos have accumulated and it will even show you which keywords attracted the most viewers. This enables you to focus your future content around those keywords.

Gain More Subscribers

Getting more subscribers is the dream of every YouTuber. You can now realize this, by following the steps mentioned in TubeBuddy's “Opportunity Finder”. This tool will tell you what keywords are attracting more viewers to your YouTube videos, so that you can focus more of your content around them. It also points out common errors that may be causing a drop in views.

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Once you have this kind of information, you can then do things like increase the frequency of your uploads, so that you can get more subscribers from the increased traffic your videos will be receiving.

Gain More Views 

get more views for your YouTube videos
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Did you know that you can use TubeBuddy to gain more views? Well, you can. All you have to do is use the “Views Dashboard” feature and get a summary of your views over a certain period of time. This will give you an overall idea of how many views your videos are getting per day, which enables you to make more informed decisions regarding what content to upload and when.

This way, you can also avoid uploading content that is likely to get fewer views. The “Views Dashboard” feature will also let you know which videos are attracting the most viewers, so that you know what kind of content your audience is interested in. This insight can be extremely useful for YouTubers who are looking to monetize their videos.

For YouTube monetization, you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months. TubeBuddy can help you get this easily, by highlighting your milestones. For example, when you get 500 subscribers, it will give you a notification to congratulate you on that achievement. Same goes for when you get 1 million views on any one of your videos.

Spy On Your YouTube Competitors

The best way to rank higher on any search engine is to search your competitors, see what they're doing, and then do it better.

Use TubeBuddy to deeply analyze your competitors.

Your competitors' videos will be alerted to you via “TubeBuddy Alerts” as soon as they are uploaded.

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See how powerful this is?

By now, you may be wondering how TubeBuddy is able to provide all this information for free. Well, the answer lies in its “Competitor Research” tool. This feature will allow you to download a spreadsheet containing your top 10 YouTube competitors’ data.

The competing videos are sorted based on how much watch time they have accumulated (over the last 90 days) and further broken down by their number of subscribers. You can also see how many views their videos are getting per day, which enables you to make an informed decision regarding what kind of content your audience is looking for.

TubeBuddy provides this information for free because it understands that having competitors means having healthy competition. This way, you are encouraged to upload better content in order to stand out from the crowd.

But it doesn’t stop there. It actually goes on to show you how your video ranks against those of your competitors and by using this information, you can choose which keywords would help you rank higher than them. This ensures that you are always one step ahead.

Make Money with TubeBuddy 

Because it's great to have a monetized YouTube channel, TubeBuddy is a great choice for video optimization so that you can earn the most money with quality videos that are optimized for success.

How can you get money with the help of TubeBuddy?

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With more views and more watch time, you are allowed to enable advertisements in your videos. Because TubeBuddy helps you to properly categorize your videos so that the advertisers can easily find them to show their ads, you will earn money every time a person watches your video.

TubeBuddy's features are designed specifically for you, the YouTube content creator, to help improve your channel and increase its growth so that it can become successful on YouTube. In fact, they provide a free trial of their premium service so that you can see what kind of results their tools can provide you.

Wrapping it Up – Conclusion of this TubeBuddy Review

TubeBuddy is a free tool that every YouTuber should be using, since it provides plenty of useful information and analysis which will help them become better content creators and marketers. It has so many features to offer and it will no doubt give you the edge over your competitors.

And best of all, TubeBuddy is free to use (for basic functions) and there's nothing to lose in trying it out. You can sign up for a trial account if you want to check it out yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Try TubeBuddy today by clicking here.

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