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Are you interested in purchasing Videly, but unsure whether the ranking tool will be useful? This post will explain the advantages and disadvantages of this YouTube Video Ranking Tool, so there's no need to worry.

Take a Quick Look at How Simple Videly is to Use

In spite of the fact that this tool promises to provide beneficial YouTube SEO suggestions, it's important to know what you are getting yourself into, prior to making your decision.

Videly is a digital marketing solution that is available for purchase online, at Without backlinks, an ad spend budget, or prior SEO understanding, this Videly technology is capable having targeted traffic driven to your video(s) and ultimately, your website.

Pro Tip: If you don't yet have a website, then I highly encourage you to make one. Once you have web hosting (my suggestion is to use these guys for your web hosting needs, as they are fast, inexpensive, and reliable), websites are free to construct (or may require a small investment to outsource to someone on a website like, using a platform, such as WordPress.

Videly is an entirely cloud-based application that enables its users to quickly and efficiently produce great quality videos, simply by importing photos or existing videos over an internet connection.

Additionally, Videly allows individuals to to construct social network profiles and authority YouTube channels in a matter of minutes. It's got enhanced technology that makes it multilingual. And additionally, it enables you the ability to search for and optimize keywords in additional languages.

This YouTube Video Ranking Software automatically generates the optimal title and description for both YouTube and Google. Videly urges you to determine the most efficient approach of reaching the top page.

What differentiates Videly from other ranking software is that it can rank for both websites and YouTube, while other ranking software focuses just on YouTube or some other platform.

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What Are the Characteristics of Videly?

Videly is more than just a keyword research tool. It extends far beyond just that. If you take the necessary time to understand how Videly works, then your competition will most likely end up scratching their heads, wondering how you managed to outperform them so quickly.

Here are just a few of the services Videly can provide for you:

  • Familiarizes You With the Google and YouTube Ranking Frameworks.
  • Identifies Previously Unknown Buyer Keywords to You.
  • Improves Your Ranking Through the Automatic Usage of SEO Titles, Tags, and Descriptions.
  • Reveals All the Top YouTube Videos in Your Niche (Pro Package).
  • Monitors Each of Your Google and YouTube Rankings (Pro Package).
  • Creates Comprehensive Video SEO Reports for You (Or Your Clients (Agency Package)).

How Does the Work in Practice?

Videly Helps You Identify Undiscovered Keywords

Videly will search for all of your rivals' targeted keywords and show you utilizing them to generate views.  Additionally, it will display the number of competitors and monthly views for each term and how difficult or simple it will be to rank for those keywords.

Automatic Search Engine Optimization

Videly will evaluate your competition with a single click, and will then provide you with an entirely customized blend of titles, tags, and descriptions that will help you achieve the top rankings.

Make Money by Copying / Pasting

Transfer your new video to YouTube or edit your existing video's title / description / tags, and watch the views pour in. So, it allows you to tweak the details further using the “Edit” buttons.

Analyses of Niche

The Videly YouTube Ranking Software allows you to conduct more research on your competition. There, you can quickly see view a video's total number of views, as well as it's YouTube and Facebook likes.

users have access to “Niche Analysis”, which is a highly recommended feature. Simply enter your primary keyword to perform new research or you can load your previous findings. Within moments, you will get a comprehensive analysis of the keywords you typed.

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 A few keywords can be quite competitive and receive a lot of traffic, indicating uniqueness. You may have to fight for the top ratings in those highly competitive categories.

Generally speaking, the longer the term, the fewer competition you'll have. It's the difference between searching for “lose weight” versus searching for “best way to lose belly fat for working moms”. It's highly recommended to utilize these kinds keywords, known in the online marketing industry, as “long-tail keywords”.

If you have purchased the Package, you can then save all of the results from this segment as a PDF.

Rank Monitor

I adore this YouTube rank tracking tool, which is available exclusively in the Pro version of Videly. If you want to avoid paying monthly fees to Google and YouTube for tracking your YouTube video ranks, you need this.

By selecting the “rank tracker” tab, you'll access this section, which allows you to monitor videos' YouTube and Google rankings in real-time.

Select “audio-video” and monitor its activity over time, including the number of comments and likes.

Report in Video

Videly will flag errors such as the absence of emoticons or brevity in the title and check the tags, descriptions, and video subtitles. Here, you may learn a great lot about how the YouTube algorithm determines which videos to recommend to users.

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Price & Cost of

Do you have to pay monthly to take advantage of Videly Pro's benefits? No. You don't need to pay a monthly fee! Rather, it's Tri-Monthly. You simply make quarterly payments of $47, every three months, which you may cancel at any time.

Pros and Cons of Videly

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the


  • Videly has a simple to use interface.
  • It does require a small investment.
  • There are no monthly fees.
  • It's extremely adaptable to both you and your niche.
  • Videly creates very compelling title and descriptions for your videos.


  • Because it is a cloud-based solution, there's the obvious requirement of an internet connection, every time you want to use the platform. It's not too big a deal breaker, since the only time you're going to be on YouTube, anyway, is when you're online.


Videly is, on the whole, a very user-friendly product that anyone can use. It can be utilized to increase your current rank positioning and subsequently, your traffic. It's sufficiently simple to use and is suited for beginners. So, if you want to be a successful YouTuber in 2021, 2022, and beyond, then using a solution, such as Videly, is absolutely something worth doing.

People are making full-time livings off of video platforms like YouTube. And you, too, can benefit from discovering how to EFFECTIVELY use YouTube as social media, but none of it means anything if nobody can ever find your videos. Right?


Numerous prominent YouTubers use strikingly similar video descriptions as what Videly publishes, which is a pretty clear indication that when people go viral with their video content, it's not happening by accident. Sure, a few, here and there, may slip through the cracks, but for most people who do really well on YouTube, they're either using Videly or perhaps some knockoff version of it.

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Videly allows you to truly save time from writing video descriptions (that likely aren't even as good (and by ‘good', I mean SEO optimized)), which ultimately means more time that you'll have, refining your content and growing your audience!

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Look, I'm just trying to really hammer it in, that the reality is, search engine optimization is a time-consuming process. I like SEO, and I know other people who like SEO, but I know many more who don't like SEO. Heck, I started my own SEO agency where I help people rank their websites in the search engines. That's how much I like SEO. But not everyone is like that. Meta Titles, Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions, Tags, etc. Yuck!

I get it. I really do.

Fortunately, there are tools created to grant a sense of search engine perfection to our work. Just give it a try. See for yourself.

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