How to Create an Explainer Video (In 6 Steps)

If you’re looking to create an explainer video for your business or product, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll take you through 6 steps that will help you create an impactful and engaging explainer video. But before we get into that, let’s first understand what an explainer video is and why it’s so important.

An explainer video is a short online video (usually 2-3 minutes long) that helps businesses communicate their value proposition and answer common questions from customers or prospects. Explainer videos are often used on websites, social media platforms, or email campaigns as a way to introduce the company or product in a quick and easy-to-understand format.

Now that we know what an explainer video is, let’s get into how you can create one for your business:

1. Define Your Goal – The first step to creating any successful marketing campaign is defining your goals. What do you hope to achieve with your explainer video? Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Drive website traffic? Generate leads? Once you’ve defined your goal, keep it in mind throughout the entire process of creating your video.

2. Write A Script – This is where the magic happens. In order to create a great explaier video, you need a strong scriptthat tells a compelling story while also communicating your key messages clearly and concisely . If writing isn’t your strong suit , there are plenty of freelance writers or agencies out there who can help turn your vision into reality .

3. Choose The Right Voice Over Artist – The voice over for your explainer videos should be chosen carefully because it will play a big role in how users perceive both

The Benefits of Creating an Explainer Video

While the benefits of creating an explainer video may not be immediately clear, taking the time to produce one can pay off in a big way. For businesses, an explainer video is a great way to concisely communicate what they do and why their products or services are worth investing in. In just a few minutes, an explainer video can introduce a company, its mission, and its offerings in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. And because they’re so effective at communicating complex information quickly and clearly, explainer videos have become hugely popular with both consumers and businesses alike.

When it comes to creating an explainer video, there are really no rules – anything goes! However, there are some basic elements that all successful videos share. A good place to start is by focusing on these three key things:

1) Keep it short: The attention span of most viewers is limited, so it’s important to keep your video focused and under two minutes long.

2) Get straight to the point: Don’t try to cram too much information into your video; make sure you have one clear message that you want to communicate.

3) Use visuals: People are visual creatures, so incorporating images and graphics into your video will help capture attention and hold interest.

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By following these simple tips, you can create an informative and engaging explainer video that will leave viewers wanting more – which is exactly what you want!

How to Create an Engaging Explainer Video

The first step to creating an engaging explainer video is understanding what your audience wants to see. Take some time to create personas for your target viewers and think about what would resonate with them. It’s also important to keep your video short and sweet-around two minutes is ideal. After all, you want people to watch the whole thing!

Once you know what content you want to include, it’s time to start thinking about the production process. To make sure your explainer video is top notch, work with a professional team that specializes in this type of project. The right company will be able to help you every step of the way-from scripting and storyboarding to shooting and post-production.

Last but not least, don’t forget to promote your video! Share it on social media, embed it on your website, and send it out in email newsletters. By getting creative with how you get people’s attention, you can ensure that your explainer video reaches its intended audience and makes a big impact.

Tips for Creating a Successful Explainer Video

If you’re looking to create an explainer video that will engage and inform your audience, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, determine the purpose of your explainer video. What do you want it to achieve? Once you know this, you can begin planning the script, visuals, and narration.

Creating a successful explainer video requires careful planning and execution. Here are a few tips to help you create an engaging and informative explainer video:

1. Determine the purpose of your explainer video. What do you want it to achieve? This will guide the development of your script, visuals, and narration.

2. Plan your story carefully. The best explainer videos have a clear beginning, middle, and end. They also avoid information overload by focusing on one key message or concept.

3a). Write a great script! A well-written script is essential for creating an engaging and effective explainer video..The dialogue should be natural sounding and easy to understand; avoid industry jargon unless you’re sure your audience will be familiar with it.”

3b). Work with a professional voiceover artist who can bring your script to life with their vocal talents (and they’ll know how to pronounce those tricky technical terms!).

4.)Visuals are important too! In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the visuals in your explainer video should support the narrator’s explanation of the concept or product…Think about using graphically-rich animation or real footage (or both!)”

What to Avoid When Making an Explainer Video

If you’re thinking about creating an explainer video for your business, there are a few things you should avoid doing if you want your video to be effective. Here are three mistakes to avoid when making your explainer video:

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1. Don’t make your video too long. An explainer video should be around 2 minutes in length. Any longer and you risk losing your viewer’s attention.

2. Avoid using too much technical jargon. Remember that your goal is to explain your product or service in a way that is easy for viewers to understand. Use simple language and avoid industry-specific terms that might not be familiar to the average person.

3. Don’t forget about call-to-action. Your explainer video should have a clear call-to-action at the end, telling viewers what they should do next (e.g., visit your website, sign up for a free trial, etc.).

The Different Types of Explainer Videos

There are many different types of explainer videos, each with its own purpose and style. The most common types are whiteboard animation, live action, and animated.

Whiteboard animation is a type of video where the visuals are drawn on a whiteboard by an artist as the narrator explains the concept. This type of video is often used to simplify complex topics or make them more entertaining.

Live action videos use real people and settings to communicate their message. This can be done through interviews, testimonials, or even scripted scenes. Live action videos are often more relatable than other types of videos and can help to build trust with the viewer.

Animated explainer videos use graphics and animations to bring their message to life. This type of video is often used when a more light-hearted approach is needed or when the topic lends itself well to visual metaphors.

Why You Should Create an Explainer Video

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you already have a pretty good idea of what an explainer video is and why they can be beneficial for businesses. But just in case you need a little refresher, an explainer video is basically a short (usually less than two minutes) video that concisely explains what your business does and how it can help solve your customer’s problem.

Explainer videos are effective because they quickly capture attention and articulate complex ideas in a way that audiences can easily understand. And since 65% of people are visual learners, using visuals to communicate your message is always going to be more impactful than relying on text alone.

But beyond the general benefits of using video marketing, there are some specific reasons why creating an explainer video should be high on your list of priorities:


There you have it! By following these six steps, you’ll be on your way to creating an amazing explainer video in no time. And don’t forget, the most important step of all is to have fun with it! After all, if you’re not enjoying the process, your viewers won’t either.

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